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About Cinderella's Enchanted Parties

Cinderella’s Enchanted Parties was founded in 2020 by Giselle Edwards, who has been a Princess Personality Performer since 2012.  Giselle has had a lifelong love of children and seeing their eyes sparkle with joy is one of her greatest motivations.  Giselle has loved the magic of Fairytale characters and the stories of Disney since she was a little girl.  She believes that the magic of Disney allows people of all ages to stay young and playful at heart. 


The story of Cinderella resonated with her as it’s core values centered around kindness, bravery and forgiveness; all values that Giselle vows to live her life by. This is the reason behind our company's name: Cinderella's Enchanted Parties.

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The Kindness Initiative

The Kindness Initiative is a movement to help overseas children find their smile. Children all over the world struggle with poverty and homelessness everyday. With the help, kindness and generosity of volunteers these children live in community funded orphanages until they can find their forever home. It is our goal to give back to these communities by providing the magic of Fairytale Princesses to these very special children. 

Cinderella's Enchanted Parties is working on mission trips currently to Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador to visit these little princes and princesses.


If you would like to donate to these mission trips to help give these very special children a magical, heart-warming experience, click the link below: 

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