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Paisley and Maddie

"Cinderella came to visit us in Muskoka for a beautiful Thanksgiving song & dance party, and she made absolutely everyone's day! Having Cinderella visit was technically supposed to be for my toddler niece, but after seeing the smiles on everyone's faces (between ages of 2-65). clearly there is no age limit to fairy tales. Cinderella's visit was especially a special moment since this year has been so stressful for everyone in my family... allowing us to to gather at a safe distance outdoors with a literal princess spreading joy brought some light to a stressful time"

-Maddie Tyssen

LD-Export_Original 3.jpeg

"This was truly a magical moment that I will cherish forever, and I cannot wait to talk about this memory with my niece over and over again. She will grow up with big dreams and love in her heart after her experience with Giselle, and I know she will be dreaming of this day forever"

-Maddie Tyssen

Halie and Mico

"Oh my goodness. You made his day!!! His reaction was priceless!" 

"It will be a cherished memory for years to come! Thank you!!!" 

- Halie

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