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Party Layouts

At Cinderella's Enchanted Parties, we understand the level of planning, time and energy that goes into creating a party for your little ones. This is a visual representation of how Cinderella's Enchanted Parties performs at parties and the magical layout that we use to engage the children in fun and exciting activities. 

Camana Bay Children


Magical Introduction

The magical introduction is where the princess or superhero character has the opportunity to introduce themselves to the children and say a special hello to the birthday girl or boy. This allows the children to become acquainted with their special visitor.  


Theatrical and Interactive Reading of Character's Story

During the theatrical reading of the character's story, the princess or superhero will ask the children to join along and help tell their stories creating a fun, interactive and educational aspects of the party. 

Story Time at Camana Bay
Princess Parties Camana Bay


Princess Makeover and/or Tattoo Time

During the princess makeover, the princess performer safely applies light blush, eyeshadow and lip gloss to the little princesses. For superhero parties, the superhero will offer a variety of temporary tattoos for the children to choose.


Princess or Superhero Lessons

Princess Etiquette Lessons include teaching the little prince and princesses how to do princess waves, stand up straight and proud, how to princess courtesy and we are reminded of our please and thank-you's. Superhero lessons include how to do somersaults, do action poses, how to be brave and kind, and of course understanding that with great power, comes great responsibility. 

Princess Bookings at home black panther
Book a super hero for your kids party


Princess Coronation or Superhero Ceremony

During the princess coronation or superhero ceremony, the children repeat the "Princess Promise" or "Superhero Swear" and the birthday prince or princess is gifted their Tiara or Superhero Cape.


Game Time!

Depending on how long you book the princess character for, the princess will play a variety of princess or superhero themed games with the children.


Princess Games include Snow White's Version of Hot Potato, Cinderella's "Hide and Seek" game, Elsa's Freeze Dance and Sleeping Beauty's Sleeping Princess Game. 

Superhero Games include, "Superhero-Superhero-Villain" (similar to duck-duck-goose), Spiderman's Web Obstacle Course, and "What Time Is It Superhero?"

book a princess for your kids party
Princess Parties Elsa


Birthday Song and Princess Photo Time

The princess or superhero sings the classic "Happy Birthday!" song for the birthday prince or princess and then proceeds to do picture time with the children (and any Fairytale or Marvel loving adults attending). 


Magical Farewell

The princess or superhero then gives all the children a heartfelt goodbye and exits the party. 

Princess Parties Camana Bay
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